FamilyOfficeHK – FamilyOfficeHK on a charm offensive

Thanks InvestHK and FamilyOfficeHK for the support and development of the whole industry.


We aim to provide one-stop services to all the family office investors who are interested in setting up in Hong Kong. We are responsible for representing the government to maintain close liaison with industry stakeholders as well as the regulators.

FamilyOfficeHK also works closely with the Immigration Department, the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) to help overseas investors get working visas and required licenses.

The family office industry in Hong Kong will hire more people, engage service providers such as lawyers, accountants, compliance officers and more bankers — which will benefit Hong Kong’s economy.

FamilyOfficeHK on a charm offensive by Fund Selector Asia

Stephen Phillips (傅仲森) Dixon Wong  Debby Chan Jacky Leung, CFA, FRM, MBA (HKU) Chris Li

The work of ONE Family Office takes on the role of a trusted confidant, who is able to see the wood for the tress. Being able to consider the situation of each family and then ensure they are guided responsibly and impartial is a core principal.

ONE Family’s ability to help steer the next generation to keep an even keel for the long-term helps to develop a robust family business, for today and tomorrow.

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