Case Study : One-stop-service for Family Businesses

Being a leading international financial
and wealth management centre, Hong Kong has an open business environment, complemented by sophisticated judicial system and free flow of capital. This helps us to allocate and manage global assets
for our clients with flexibility.

By Stephan Ng Shun Heng
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
ONE Family Office

Stephan Ng  Pauline Lee Isabel Tse

One-stop-service for Family Businesses

The work of ONE Family Office takes on the role of a trusted confidant, who is able to see the wood for the tress. Being able to consider the situation of each family and then ensure they are guided responsibly and impartial is a core principal.

ONE Family’s ability to help steer the next generation to keep an even keel for the long-term helps to develop a robust family business, for today and tomorrow.

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